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The ultimate companion for managing your home.

Get started with the free DigiHome app and experience the convenience of having all your home information in one-place, accessible at the touch of a button, and with the ability to share with anyone in your household.

DigiHome uses smart technology to make it simple to capture information and connect to useful insights that help in saving you time and money around the home.

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What you want to save.


Capture info in an image.


Digitally saved for when you need it.

Sort out the top drawer!

Don’t worry about having to put in loads of information, simply use the app to capture anything useful and let our smart technology do the rest.

Neat notifications

Create tasks and set reminders to ensure you never miss another policy renewal or forget to check your smoke alarm. You can even create to-do lists to capture all those little jobs around the home you want to get around to.

Free yourself from the clutter and take control of your home admin.
Why wouldn't you?

Support at your fingertips

Let’s face it, no-one is taught how to manage a home. Whether you are a first time buyer switching energy supplier, or an experienced homeowner who wants a local gardener, we put everything you need at your fingertips via the DigiHome app.

Control costs

Do you know exactly how much your home costs to run? Our smart algorithms can help. They’ll show where your money goes, and recommend ways to reduce your home expenditure. Get rewarded without having to even think about it.

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Join those wanting to be the first to experience the convenience of all your home’s information in one place, at the touch of a button.

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